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Friday Finds: Gift Ideas for Mom

Celebrate her special day with these stylish finds.

Spring Botanical Soap Set, $120

Handmade, hand-poured and hand-cut soaps made from spring ingredients in the Flamingo Estate garden: Rose Geranium, Neroli, Narcissus, Lavender, Blue Yarrow and Jasmine.

Mama No. 6 Candle and Eau de Parfum, $24 each

Inspired by tender moments, the scent of white lilies blends with notes of leather and soft musk radiate from these Anthropologie creations. 

Becky II Sunglasses, $105

Since 2015, DIFF Charitable Eyeware has donated over 1,400,000 pairs of reading glasses to individuals in need around the world. These oversized cream tortoise shell sunglasses feature a flirty cat eye, luxe metal temples, pink lenses and endless glamour.

Initial Heart Pendant, $48

Wear yours—or that of someone you want to keep close—around your neck with this charming Kate Spade pendant.

Hot Dish, $90

This 9×13-inch ceramic casserole dish from Great Jones offers a modern take on a nostalgic and versatile classic. Perfect for lasagna, cakes, cobblers and more, this must-have makes a stylish addition to any chef’s kitchen.

All products featured on our site are independently selected by our editors. However, when you purchase via our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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